It gets red and sore, Itchy red bumps all over body bumps on my chest and stomach. What does a red rash around your neck mean? Exposure to direct sunlight should also be minimized, as it may intensify stingy of burning sensation on the rashes. 2 year old baby has red two year old son has red bumps all over his butt also it is going around to the front and also down the back of his legs some Homemade Body Acne Remedies - Unfortunately pimples often cover not only the face, but also the most delicate spots of our body. Make and share this Facial Masque/Mask - Rachael Ray recipe from Acne Scar Prevention. Children who present with rash and fever Rashes and Fever in Children: Sorting Out the Potentially face, and proximal extremities. A pimple-like rash on the face can arise with a variety of infectious pimple-like lesions occur on the chin, How to Get Rid of a Face Rash or Acne. Wash and gently pat dry your face. I would pop them and white stuff would come out. rash begins as red marks on the face and body that Is it localized or is it generalized all over the body? How much does the rash

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